How to travel Mekong – Ho Chi Minh – Phu Quoc in a vacation?

Having a grand vacation and a tour outside the country is one of the luxurious gifts you can give to yourself, to your family, friends and loved ones. Why would you spend for such long trips anyway, while you can stay at home, go out with friends, roam around the shopping malls or simply watch television shows or get busy with your gadgets? But those are already the common and very usual things that you do and you can sometimes find it boring already. You also need to make some changes to your lifestyle by treating yourself a vacation package.

There are so many places to visit around the world, and if you can manage to go out of the country, spend a vacation and relax, then why not? You do not always need to worry about spending because of the different experience that you will have during your vacation. You can always find money, but the moments that you will have to spend with your family, friends and loved ones are priceless. So you have to think about relaxation sometimes, because it is not only for yourself, but also for the people you care about.

One of the best places to visit when it comes to long vacations and holiday trips, especially during summer season is Asian countries because of the beautiful beaches, rivers, lakes, falls and other natural beauties. If you are going to look at the countries in Asia, you can find Southeast Asia as one of the most visited spots. Among these countries are Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Laos. You may go to any of those countries, but you have to try what Vietnam has for you.

You can find Vietnam tour packages for 15 days and that is good enough for a treat that you can give to yourself and to your family. Moving around the beautiful country of Vietnam is not even enough for 15 days for you to explore more, if possible you can later on tell that you would love to stay in Vietnam.

From Saigon, you can go to Phu Quoc and visit the Su Muon Pagoda, you may go trekking and swimming in the crystal-clear water, boat riding and visit the largest port for fishing to have a taste of different fresh sea foods. You may also experience kayaking, snorkeling, shopping at the Duong Dong market and visit the Dinh Cau Temple. See the Phu Quoc tour now!

On your fifth day, you have to be in Ho Chi Minh City to have a city tour. You can visit the War Crime Museum, Thien Hau Temple and the China Town to have some shopping at the Binh Tay market. Then in the afternoon, spend some time in the Reunification Hall, visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Post Office and the City Hall.Continue reading

Tips for Traveling to New Zealand

You must be aware that every country you visit, has its own culture, belief, language and especially, rules. So, pretty sure that you will find every country you visit somewhat different. You can’t deny the fact that there are also similarities, but it would be best to know some things about a country that you want to visit.

Some tourists do not mind much things about their country of destination. But, when it comes to law, ignorance is not always an excuse. There are even countries, who are stricter when it comes to foreign visitors. Therefore, it is a must to read something about other countries you are interested with.

Let us take a look at Australia and New Zealand. Of course, these are different countries. Some people might think that they are the same in many things. But, soon as you get there, you will see how they differ.Continue reading

Why should you visit New Zealand?

Is there a reason not to visit New Zealand? Well, if you have the visa and money to spend, then why not come and visit the place? There’s much to do in New Zealand. You will surely have all the options. Whatever you want to do fits in this country. So, start booking for a tour and pack your things.

Quick facts

Before proceeding to the highlights of the tour. It would be great to know some facts about New Zealand. These things might not be necessary for your tour, but you may find it interesting.

  • Pretty sure that you are very much familiar with bungee jumping. Well, you are about to step into the place where it originated.
  • In the northern part of New Zealand, the people are closer to the Polynesian.
  • In the southern part of New Zealand, the people are closer to Scotland.
  • You can find the world’s largest population of Polynesian in Auckland.
  • In New Zealand, playing rugby is not only for sports, but also for the Kiwis to gather around.
  • Hiking won’t really harm you because untamed species are not there.
  • You will come to experience four seasons in just one day.
  • The country is populated with 15% of Maoris.
  • You can find 1/3 of New Zealand’s population in the northern part of the Bombay Hills.
  • If you see a backward sign on the road, do not think that you are in the wrong direction because you are on the right tract.

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Love Asia? Visit Bangkok Now!

Pretty sure that as a tourist, you are aware that Asia is one of the most visited place in the world. Local and foreign tourists come anywhere in Asia. One of the cities that millions of tourists enjoy is Bangkok, Thailand. There was even a time that threats and rallies happened, but that was immediately resolved. So, it is not a hindrance for tourists not to come. And then, such situations also exist anywhere in the world. Therefore, everybody is aware about that.

But going back to attractions. Bangkok has much to offer. And then, after coming to this city, you would surely come back again. It is not only the tourist attractions, food and entertainment that’s why tourists keep on coming back. But, it is because of the simple lifestyle tourists experienced. Living in Thailand does not cost that much, especially, if you will learn how to eat delicious and spicy Thai foods. You do not need a luxurious place to stay, especially if you are always out for exploration.

What you must see in Bangkok

So, what can you find in Bangkok? This city has so many exciting and amazing sites. It might have temples everywhere, but that is normal because they are Buddhist. So, get used to it, if you can find monks around.

The Grand Palace

Visiting one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkok is the Grand Palace. This is a historical and a site. So, you better dress politely. Do not come in shorts or miniskirts because your legs must be covered. Here, every structure, painting, wall, shrine or whatever you see in the palace has a story to tell. You will find the temple of Phra Kaeo, where the Jade or the Emerald Buddha is situated. It was also said that the Royal Family changes the clothes of the Buddha. This palace is also a home of the Royal Family, so there are restrictions to the palace. Not every part of the place is accessible to tourists. Anyway, they have a tour guide to show you around, so just follow and listen to the stories.

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