How To Choose The Walking Shoes And Hiking Boots

In order to choose yourself a suitable pair of hiking shoes, you need the basic knowledge about the composition, structure, and function of each type of shoes. Besides ensuring the basic quality standard, the prices remain affordable and high applicability is indispensable.

The purpose of use

Trail shoes: actually this is the type of running shoes but it has added some features more suitable for bumpy trails and roads. It has a lot of toe pads and more durable plastic soles to match the more difficult conditions.

Walking shoes:

This type begins to be classified as special-purpose walking shoes, but it is only used in the walking paths which are available or are not too difficult and usually go during the day. The materials are suede, nylon, lightweight fabric. It is soft and malleable.

Many designs of these shoes include bearing belts to protect feet and ankles, but not higher than ankles. Some other types of high-end are designed with the waterproof tongue and avoid the gravel falling into the shoes.

However, many designs are fashionable but do not include necessary features for walking. So you should check carefully.

Hiking boots:

Hiking boots like normal types of walking shoes, but hiking boots are used for the more difficult terrains. You can use these kind shoes to walk for a few days. They are made from the suede material and other sure materials. The soles are sturdier to protect the feet. The neck of the shoes is higher than the ankles so you feel uncomfortable but they protect your feet very well.

If you have wide feet and you worry that you can’t find one suit your feed. Don’t worry, you will find the best hiking boots for wide feet because it is available on the market.

Jungle boots/protection shoes:

This kind is used for the difficult terrains. They include the designs which protect your feet, for example, the upper is reinforced, the soles are wide and firm, the bearing ridges.

The inside of shoes is often made from the special materials to keep clear. This kind of shoes is suitable for climbing because it is designed to bear the forces, disperse the power in a crash but it is still clear and waterproof. Sometimes there are reinforced iron nails. They are usually hard and heavy.

Climbing shoes:

This type of shoes is designed specifically to help you conquer the icy snowy mountains. It includes the spikes in the upper parts. The inside is made of the ultra-fine material to keep warm. However, do not encourage you to choose this kind of shoes if you have to walk a long day.

Learn some structural points of shoes

    • Hiking boot weight: when buying shoes, you should pay attention to the weight of shoes. Because if you choose too heavy ones, this will cause you some troubles. You should choose the light ones, they will help you move gently, more flexible. There are a lot of researches showing that, if the weight of shoes just increases 1g, you feel like your backpacks will increase 5g.
    • Water resistance: the moisture is one of the enemies of the shoes. High moisture will cause the blisters due to increasing the friction of your feet and the ridge. Therefore, you should notice to keep your shoes dry and clear. Shoes should be made from the clear materials, helps the air easily go out. However, shoes also have to be waterproof from the outside.
    • Lateral rigidity: you have to ensure the rigidity of your shoes to protect your feet and ankles when you contact to the difficult terrains. Some designs of shoes with necks will protect your ankles better.
    • Longitudinal rigidity: shoes have to be hard enough not to curl when you stress on your toes, and also be soft, good enough to grip when walking.
    • Arc support: shoes should fit your feet do the feet are not flat when you carry heavy things. If necessary, you can add a pad along the soles of your feet in order to increase the embrace of your shoes. This will help you feel comfortable when moving. Let’s learn about the structure of the shoes.
    • Upper: uppers are adjacent to the toe section, adjacent to the tongue of shoes and stretch into cheeks of the shoes. The upper must protect your feet and absorb the forces acting surprisingly on the uppers. In addition, upper parts must also be clear and waterproof.
  • Soles: the soles are the under parts of the shoes, contact directly with the surface of the ground. When choosing to buy a pair of shoes, you need to watch carefully the soles in order to choose a suitable pair for traveling. Most of the soles are made from rubber to increase the friction and reduce wear. To create friction, they are designed with deep grooves and thorns; this will increase the adhesion to the surface. On the slippery surface, if there are more rubber spikes, this will help you to avoid falling.

In the soft surface, the rubber line will push deep down to help the shoes grip better. The soles also absorb and disperse other kinds of forces in order not to affect to your feet. The soles are not only firm but also soft enough to move naturally. They are also attached or sewn tightly with the upper parts in order to waterproof well. There are many ways of distributing the upper spikes in the soles, so let’s check carefully the information of the trip to choose the best hiking boots.

Well, through this article, we provide you some useful knowledge about some kinds of hiking boots, along with the structures of these kinds. We hope you can understand thoroughly and can choose the best pair of hiking boots for you. Let’s go to the store right now, check carefully and bring a beloved pair to your home and prepare a life-changing trip.

Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

As you know, any runner may suffer from plantar fasciitis. In fact, runners have to invest their time in safety practices. However, if they are suffering from plantar fasciitis, they will have to practice with the pain as well as aches. You can’t minimize this foot condition unless you have a good pair of running shoes. Wearing shoe insoles are also a good idea for plantar fasciitis sufferers to deal with sore heels as your train. However, the best method is still getting running shoes having arch support and firm ankle. In this discussion, we introduce some good products you need as Asics shoes for plantar fasciitis and new balance shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Trail running. Freeze action closeup of running shoes in action. Shallow depth of field, focus on left shoe.

Asics GEL Nimbus 15

This is considered to be one of the top brands in athletic shoes. These shoes offer greatly enhanced cushion, fit, and stability. Asics Gel Nimbus 15 has a FluidRide midsole that can provide more shock absorption for your feet. Besides, this model is also durable and comfortable for wearers. Also, they come with a nice cushioning. That’s why they are suitable for people with high arches.

Asics Gel Kayano 20

These shoes offer a truly customized fit thanks to the combination of stretch reinforcements with multidirectional stretch. With this unit, you also get enhanced support and stability from the dynamic support system. If you are finding ones for a combination of stability and cushioning, this is really a perfect choice.

Asics GT2000 2

This model has been popular for runners with plantar fasciitis for years. They are designed lighter than others. Plus, they are able to help you improve your natural gait. They come with an exceptional midsole and heel support. Especially, these shoes are optimal for neutral fit. In fact, these shoes are on the top of running shoe brands on the market today.

Asics Gel Exalt

This shoe can disperse shock upon impact because it has a Gel cushioning. Moreover, they allow wearers to retain structural integrity when they run, especially for runners having plantar fasciitis and problematic arches. If you worry about your budget, this is a good option because they are relatively inexpensive. Besides, you can easily choose the fit size for your feet.

New Balance 990v3

Although this shoe looks simple, they ensure to protect you against shock. It’s especially perfect for a majority of foot types. This shoe is considered as one of the best sneakers for people with plantar fasciitis. Also, they come in multiple width sizes that allow you choose the proper size easily.

 New Balance W1540

With excellent midfoot cushioning technologies and motion control enhancements, this unit is considered to be one of the top running shoes for plantar fasciitis. They provide a lot of heel and arch support. If you are overweight, you needn’t worry about it when using these shoes.


These above products don’t include all good running shoes for plantar fasciitis. However, we try to provide you some best shoes on the market today. They ensure to give you every support you need for plantar fasciitis.

The Ultimate Guide To Footwear For Gout Patient

Your feet is one of the most tired parts in your body after a hard day. The reason behind is that all of your weight is carried out in your feet. There are many foot problem you may encounter such as fungus infection, corns and calluses, diabetes, blisters, gout, etc.

Among these problems and infections, gout are quite popular. There are other names to called the problem as ‘The Disease of Kings’ and ‘The Rich Man’s Disease’. The problem is founded to have the first case such a long time ago in Egypt in 2 600 BC. Here is all what you might need to know about gout such as definition, affects, causes, symptoms as well as treatments. Moreover, quick footwear guide for people having gout problem is also included.

According to one fact, gout is more likely to happen to men than women in scale of 9 times. Mid-aged people from 45 years old and upper seem to have gout problem than young people. Excepting for foot, gout can also affect other parts of your body like elbow, hand, knee, wrist, etc.

Gout Definition

Gout happens when the level uric acid is too high in your body. As a result, sharp crystals are formed and joined by the high level up of uric acid. This is a kind of arthritis. People who have gout problem may suffer from big toes, occasional pain to dramatically serious inflammation.


Most likely people gout causes painful feeling as well as inflammation and stiffness. It can affect your feeling for just a short period of time or for every long time in some serious cases. Your joints and tendons are also being harmful if you are having gout problem. The attack will happen time after time. A research has shown that 60% of people who have first gout attack will have second attack in one year.


You have know that the build-up of uric acid in the joints is what happens for gout problem. However, the root causes of gout problem is gene and unhealthy lifestyle. Foods which have high level of purines such as meat and fish can also lead to gout problem. People who drink alcohol more than others are also likely to suffer from the problem as well. That explains the name of gout to be ‘The Rich Man’s Disease’. However, there are some medicines such as aspirins, cancer drugs as well as water pills which can cause gout problem.


One significant symptom of having gout problem is that you might suffer from very strong pain attack. It usually attacks your biggest toe in the foot. The attack most often happens during nighttime when your body rests and your body’s temperature is lower than daytime. People with gout problem will suffer from swelling, tenderness as well as redness. There is high chance that you will have another attack after the first one within months. As a result, it is better for you to go and see the doctor is you have any symptom of having gout problem.

You will be checked with a physical exam to identify any possible problem with your foot. Besides, there is also test to measure the amount of uric acid by taking a sample of fluid from your joints. After having an examination of uric acid level in your body, octors will give you medical treatments if needed to eliminate thehoppingg of attack as well as easing your painful feeling.


If you have serious gout problem, you may be ordered by your doctor to take dozens of medicine. There are four tests in total that you have to take in order to examine the problem including a joint fluid analysis, physical exam, test uric acid level in blood and test of uric acid level in urine. In emergency case, you can take anti-inflammatory medicines to relief the pain from the attack. There are some more short term medicines that work effectively within 24 hours such as Colchicine, Corticosteroids or NSAIDs (ibuprofen, indomethacin, and naproxen). Manually, you should keep a good healthy diet. Foods such as red meat as well as alcohol should be avoided and eaten as least as possible. Moreover, you should also keep fit so that you will not be overweight, which is one of the reasons why you have gout problem.

Footwear guides for gout people

As you may often be suffered from hard painful attack, you choose shoes which have plenty of spaces for your feet. According to one research in New Zealand in 2011, more than half of the people who have gout problem do not wear right shoes. It is strategically important to wear proper shoes even if you are not having any problem. Shoes are for protecting your foot.

If you wear too tight shoes, the blood flow will circulate in the area of your toes, which can lead to the formation of deposit crystals. As a result, an attack can happen for that reason. In accordance, you should wear shoes that are big and deep enough to comfort your feet if any attack occurs. Your big toe is also a place where attack mostly happens, so make sure that you save good space and care for it. Therefore, high heel shoes and narrow-toed shoes are the ones you should probably stay away from.

Since your feet is vulnerable after many attacks, you need more support from the arches. Therefore, a well fitting pair of shoes for moving around all day with high arch and metatarsal support is basically essential. Sandals such as Birkenstock is one of good options, you can check for your own references. Lightweight shoes should not be in consideration since the level of protection is very low. In addition, you should also avoid wearing shoes with high possibility of bending or flip-flop, moccasins as well as thin sole sandals.

The perfect shoes for gout people should have good cushioning and insole as well as space for air movement. Forefoot rocker shoes are highly recommended since it less likely to cause strains stressing on the ball of your foot and your toes.

Walking Shoes And Running Shoes Comparison

Every sport has different requirements on what kind of shoes you should have. A pair of shoes is a crucial element in practicing one sport. When you are doing sport, you have to you your feet a lots, a good pair of shoes give you better supports throughout. Walking is evaluated as less intensive movement than running. Therefore, there are actually differences between walking shoes and running shoes. The article below gives you ideas how different it is between walking and running shoes.

Generally, you might think that there is no difference at all between running and walking shoes since they appear in the same look.  Moreover, the same activities are also done by running and walking. However, running demands more energy and movement of your feet than walking. That is why running shoes should be in good quality while walking shoes can be at moderate level of quality. A reasonable price pair of shoes is satisfied enough to be used as walking shoes. Nevertheless, remember that you pay for what you get. Running shoes requires better quality standard of materials, structures, cushion, etc.

Shoes cushion

There is a fact that running is more likely to damage your shoes than walking. Therefore, good condition of cushion is highly required by running shoes to support your movement. Shoes cushion also has function to protect your feet. With harder step of running in comparison to walking, the better the cushion is the higher ability of protection you can have from a pair of shoes.


There are more support required from running shoes than walking shoes. When you are walking, the pressure and stress are distributed evenly on your whole feet. The weigh of your body rolls up and down regularly throughout your feet. Whereas, higher stress of weigh are put in your feet in every step. As your feet touch the ground from upside position, your body put pressure 1.5 to 2 times higher than normal. As a result, the heel of running shoes should be flexible and able to distribute your weigh equally.


On one hand, walking shoes are more flexile and protective through the ball of the foot. In term of arch support, walking shoes are better than running shoes. Because running shoes have more cushion in the heel, it is not that flexible comparing to walking shoes On the other hand, running shoes are designed to be more breathable. The reason behind is that there is more heat generated during running than walking.

Famous brands

Obviously, there are several famous brands in term of sports shoes. For examples, ASICS is the top brand which is well known for producing one of the best running shoes. Besides, Brooks Trance 11, Mizuno Wave Creation or New Balance Minimus Zero are also highly ranked by customers as leading shoes for runners. While New Balance Shoes are known as the bets for walking. Among best walking shoes, there are such as Jackshibo, Propet, Skechers, etc.

Foot Care In A Nutshell

Whether your feet is facing any problems or not, foot care is an essential thing which cannot be ignored in daily routine. A good care give your feet relaxing feeling as well as prevent your feet from being in risks of infection and problems. It is very important to rest and balance your feet after a long hard day with full of activities.

For those who is having foot problems, there is a reason to having foot care habits. In tong term, some foot problems such as blisters, corns and calluses or fungus infection can be wiped out by good foot care technique. Never underestimating the results that comes out from caring your foot probably.

Here is a list of things you should do every day do keep your feet healthy:

    • Make sure to maintain good hygiene for your feet. Perhaps you should clean your feet at least once before going to bed. Remember to keep your feet dry. Constantly wet feet usually leads to fungus infection. Use moderately warm water to wash your feet as too hot water will dry your skin.
  • Moisturizing your feet is a necessary step in everyday routine. You can use lotion or oil as a supplement to refresh your feet before going to bed. Additionally, moisturized cream not only softens your feet skin but also dehydrates it. Here is a tip: apply a moderate amount of cream into your skin and let it be able to dry. You will feel huge differences in the next morning when waking up comparing to days which you do not use feet lotion.
  • Dry your feet probably. As mentioned above, wet feet creates great environment for the developing of fungus infection. Especially for people who have sweaty feet, also keep your feet clean. The areas between your toes are the ones which are hard to dry quickly. Pay more attention to this area and do not apply any lotion or cream in between your toes.
  • Change and clean your socks everyday. At some point, nothing is better than having a clean pair of socks. Besides, your socks are used to protect your feet. There is no point in wearing a pair of dirty socks which is harmful to your feet health. As you wear clean pair of socks, there are more possibilities for your feet to breath. Breathable condition is a very important element that affects the health status of your feet. You should change to a new pair of socks everyday since there are a lots of dusts possibly in your used socks after one day of using.

Foot care DO and DON’T

  • DO cut your toenails regularly.
  • DO use nail clipper to trim your toenails straight across to eliminate risks of ingrowing toenails.
  • DO wear well fitting shoes. Wrong fitting shoes can make you suffer from uncomfortable and painful feeling while moving.
  • DO keep your feet cool in hot weather and keep your feet warn in cold weather.
  • DO massage your foot regularly. You have a long section of massage at home when you have free time. While you can use wood roller to elevate your feet when sitting in the office for 5-10 minutes.
  • DON’T wear tight shoes or high heels for a long period of time. It make your feet feel tired. In some case, too tight shoes may reshape your feet born to different and weird shapes.
  • DON’T go with your barefoot. Keep your feet protected from any dusts and dirty things in the ground as much as possible. An indoor shoes is good to prevent your feet from cold floor during winter.
  • DON’T use too hot or too cold water to wash your feet. Too hot water dries your feet skin. Whereas, too cold water does not support the flowing of blood in and out to your feet.

Tips For Choosing The Best Running Shoes

No matter if you are an amateur or professional in running sport, you need good shoes that are in satisfaction level. As running is also considered as intensive movement sports, you possibly need a qualified shoes to have better experiences with the sports. A good pair of shoes in running also means a good support and friend of you.

If you are going to buy a new pair of running shoes or the first running shoes, this guide give you general idea of what factors you should concern before buying. When should you replace your old shoes with a new one? Usually, it is suggested to have a new pair of shoes after your old shoes has run up to 500 miles (or equal to 6 months of using respectively). According to Robert Smiths, owner of Robert’s Running and Walking Shop, ‘without a doubt, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and other issues can be helped by the right shoes’. Overall, there are factors to be considered such as your foot shape, shoes cushion, running habit as well as shoes materials.

Foot shape

As everyone are born with different foot shape, it is important to get a pair of shoes which fits your unique shape. The only way to determine if the shoes fit your shape is to try it on. You are advised to kindly try on shoes which you want to buy and feel if it is fit and makes you feel comfortable or not.

Shoes cushion

Perhaps, your running shoes should have a flexible cushion making. As running activity may damage your shoes easily, it is highly recommended to choose shoes having good cushion that can protect your feet. Your body frame and weigh also affect on making decision about shoes cushion. If your weigh is more likely to be heavy, you should need a lots of cushion in your shoes. There are various brands famous for shoes cushion such as ASICS Kayano or Saucony Triumph. Nike Air and Brooks Adrenaline are supposed to be suitable for people whose weigh about …

Running habits

Your running habits are also be taken into account when choosing a good pair of shoes. If you are neutral runner, a neutral shoes would fit you the best as it more shock absorption and arch-side support. If you have high arch, you do not need much support from your shoes. Good shoes for high arch runners are under categories of neutral, neutral plus or performance neutral. As for, one of the best options is minimalist shoes that is extremely light. There is also barefoot shoes for those who wants to have more forefoot strike. In term of feature, the shoes has no cushion and is super thin.

Shoes materials

Materials used to make your shoes have really huge affect on the quality of the shoes. There is synthetic leather shoes which is durable and abrasion-resistance. In addition, this material is also effectively breathable.

Some shoes are also made from nylon and nylon mesh. The material is light and usually used to made lightweight shoes. Nylon material enable shoes to last long as well as dry quickly. Under some circumstances, you might want to have shoes made from waterproof materials. However, waterproof shoes dos not support your feet to breathe well.

Top Foot Care Products

Surely, you have already known about skincare and body care, but have you ever known that you also should take care of your feet regularly? Your feet is the most stressful part in your body as it carries out the weight of your whole body. You do many activities during day time which associates with your fete such as walking, standing, running, etc. Especially for woman who usually wears high heels for a long time, your feet is vulnerable.

You should have good daily feet care routine to refresh it after long day of working. You can take care of your feet any time during a day. However, the best time to treat your feet well is before going to bed, when you actually do not need to use your feet any more. Here is top four products which are highly recommend by users as well as received dozens of good feedbacks.

Avon Foot Works Beautiful Toasted Macadamia Nut Exfoliating Scrub

You will find some dead foot skin for the areas where are usually under weigh stress or interfere with shoes. In order to get rid of those dead skin, you should you scrub product which helps to smoothen your skin and wash these dead skin away. This product is manufactured by Avon, an experienced skincare brand in the United States. It received 5/5 stars review from customers on Amazon.

It is made with toasted macadamia which is believed to clear out dry skin and give your skin a refresh feeling. In detail, this scrub is extracted from macadamia nut oil and nut shell powder. You would prefer to use bath sponge rub your skin after applying the scrub to buff all dead skin off. Customers evaluate that Avon scrub is effective throughout your feet but still moisturizes your skin well and have good smell. The product is now on sales at 6 USD.

Johnson’s Foot Soap

This product, which only costs 2.99 USD, is used to relax your feet after all. You should use foot soap to wash and declaim your feet one or two times a week. This action will smoothen your skin as well as eliminate some foot problem. For instance, you can use this food soap to treat corns and callouses problems on your feet. Mix one foot soap package into hot water basin and let your feet rest there in 15 to 20 minutes. You can keep the progress on and on until corns and callouses are away. However, do not use too hot water, warm water is enough.

Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enrich Foot Cream

This 3 Oz cream is perfect for moisturizing your feet skin. Eucerin has been well known for foot product for such a long time. This products is now on sale at 7.54 UDS per tube. Customers who has used it give high satisfaction and recommendation on the products. You can apply proper amount of cream to your feet before going to bed and additionally put your socks on. Next morning, when you wake up, you will see huge differences how your skin is smoothened. However, do not apply cream to the area between your toes, which can lead to fungus infection.

Lush Cosmetics Volcano Foot Mask

You will properly know Lush for its organic products. Lush Cosmetics Volcano Foot Mask is also ranked as consumer choice for one of the bets foot care product. The product is good at deeply washing as well as softening your skin. Apply the product to your dry and clean feet, cover it with a plastic bag and let it sit there for 10 minutes before washing it with warm water. The mask costs from 14 USD.