Why should you visit New Zealand?

Is there a reason not to visit New Zealand? Well, if you have the visa and money to spend, then why not come and visit the place? There’s much to do in New Zealand. You will surely have all the options. Whatever you want to do fits in this country. So, start booking for a tour and pack your things.

Quick facts

Before proceeding to the highlights of the tour. It would be great to know some facts about New Zealand. These things might not be necessary for your tour, but you may find it interesting.

  • Pretty sure that you are very much familiar with bungee jumping. Well, you are about to step into the place where it originated.
  • In the northern part of New Zealand, the people are closer to the Polynesian.
  • In the southern part of New Zealand, the people are closer to Scotland.
  • You can find the world’s largest population of Polynesian in Auckland.
  • In New Zealand, playing rugby is not only for sports, but also for the Kiwis to gather around.
  • Hiking won’t really harm you because untamed species are not there.
  • You will come to experience four seasons in just one day.
  • The country is populated with 15% of Maoris.
  • You can find 1/3 of New Zealand’s population in the northern part of the Bombay Hills.
  • If you see a backward sign on the road, do not think that you are in the wrong direction because you are on the right tract.

Activities to do

The tourist spots that you may visit in New Zealand will depend on the type of activities that you would like to do. You can go for heart racing, adventure or relaxing activities.

  • Heart Racing Activities

How would you feel using a rubber band while bungee jumping off the bridge? That will surely make a zigzag and you might think like you will fall on the river. You may also enjoy paragliding, kart racing, canyon swinging, snowboarding, skydiving, skywire, skyjumping, rafting, jet skiing and zorbing.

  • Adventure Activities

For fun and adventure, you can go to the forests, move around rocky terrains, offroading, sailing, fishing, biking, kayaking, canoeing, hunting, shooting, surfing and hiking.

  • Relaxing Activities

Do you want to just move slowly and relax? Therefore, enjoy horseback riding, fly with a hot air balloon, go to the museums, have window shopping and play golf.

Sites to Visit

Fiordland National Park

This is a real beauty and you can enjoy this site by simply walking along the park. You can walk along the tracks in the park, such as the Routeburn, Milford, Kepler and Hollyford. And then, you can see the heritage sites of the place with blue rivers, birdlife, waterfalls, green lakes and mountains.

Lakes of Wanaka

The lakeside of Wanaka is ideal for hiking. You will also have a chance to explore the Rippon Vineyard that is on the Mount Aspiring Road, and then the Siberia Valley and Wilkin River Valley. Anyway, you can find jet boats for a ride after long hours of walking or hiking. You can also find here some biodynamic wines.


You can find this in the south island. You would surely enjoy swimming with dolphins and watching whales. A range of marine life is found in this island, such as whales, dolphins, seabirds and albatross.

Abel Tasman National Park

This is a beautiful park with sandy beach and clear water with a bushland of wildlife animals. It will be a good spot for hiking, bush walking, climbing and kayaking.


You can find here an Art Gallery, a magical Botanical Garden and the Hagley Park. This is a type of city that is multicultural and also contemporary. So, you might find it vibrating.


The peninsula of Coromandel is in the eastern part of Auckland. You can find a huge number of various artists and also craftspeople in the area. You can come here to enjoy swimming, fishing or surfing. And then, you will find the Cathedral Cove in Hahei and then the Hot Water Beach for a thermal spa in the southern part of Hahei.


For a real breathtaking journey, pass along the State Highway 94, which is in Fiordland. You will find here mountains and steep valleys. It is also on this spot, where you can find the great view of Milford Sound. You better get a boat for a better experience.

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