Love Asia? Visit Bangkok Now!

Pretty sure that as a tourist, you are aware that Asia is one of the most visited place in the world. Local and foreign tourists come anywhere in Asia. One of the cities that millions of tourists enjoy is Bangkok, Thailand. There was even a time that threats and rallies happened, but that was immediately resolved. So, it is not a hindrance for tourists not to come. And then, such situations also exist anywhere in the world. Therefore, everybody is aware about that.

But going back to attractions. Bangkok has much to offer. And then, after coming to this city, you would surely come back again. It is not only the tourist attractions, food and entertainment that’s why tourists keep on coming back. But, it is because of the simple lifestyle tourists experienced. Living in Thailand does not cost that much, especially, if you will learn how to eat delicious and spicy Thai foods. You do not need a luxurious place to stay, especially if you are always out for exploration.

What you must see in Bangkok

So, what can you find in Bangkok? This city has so many exciting and amazing sites. It might have temples everywhere, but that is normal because they are Buddhist. So, get used to it, if you can find monks around.

The Grand Palace

Visiting one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkok is the Grand Palace. This is a historical and a site. So, you better dress politely. Do not come in shorts or miniskirts because your legs must be covered. Here, every structure, painting, wall, shrine or whatever you see in the palace has a story to tell. You will find the temple of Phra Kaeo, where the Jade or the Emerald Buddha is situated. It was also said that the Royal Family changes the clothes of the Buddha. This palace is also a home of the Royal Family, so there are restrictions to the palace. Not every part of the place is accessible to tourists. Anyway, they have a tour guide to show you around, so just follow and listen to the stories.

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